Shannon Rizzo is a servant leader and understands the importance of providing opportunities to children and families to improve their socio-economic situation. She knows how necessary education is to end the cycle of poverty and strives every day to be better at what she does so she can help more people. Shannon has designed her life and dedicated her life’s work to serving others in a full capacity.


Shannon is the CEO and Founder of Global Girl Life Brands and Shannon Rizzo Co. These are the vehicles she uses to help others.

The start-up of the Global Girl Life Foundation is now a product of the hard work, connecting with other entrepreneurs, and faith that is needed to help on a larger scale.

Global Girl Life Story

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By being a part of the Global Girl Life Foundation you are providing opportunities to children to gain an education and grow spiritually. You are helping the children be in a safe learning environment, free from harm during the school day so they can learn the basic skills needed like learning to read and write and do arithmetic which will give them a chance for opportunities they might otherwise not have had. 


In turn, we vow to you to do good with the donation dollars you give and to make sure the money is applied where the community needs it most to build a sustainable set of practices for social enterprise. It is our goal to teach basic business skills and export processes including quality control and design methods needed for the artisans and rehab participants so they can eventually trade with small businesses in the US, namely Tennessee to start. 


You can pick your donation package from the list below that best talks to your heart and faith. 

Global Girl Life Online Publication

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Global Girl Life Online Publication serves the global communities of women and young ladies all around the globe. It is intended to be a safe place to share your journey through life, whether it be travel experiences, soulful explorations, adventures, hardships, career
changes, new accolades, and provide a place where giving back to others is a priority.


Our mission is to share stories and adventures of women who have "it" from all over the world. The “it” doesn’t have to be an importer, travel blogger, or even an entrepreneur like you and me. She can be a woman who is the leader in her church, a mother of two, a CEO of a large company, a college student, a woman reinventing herself at any stage of life. All of these women have more than one thing in common – they are go-getter’s and they are looking for life balance and freedom that they want to create for themselves and others.

Global Girl Life Shop


The GGL Shop is the hub for all things beautiful. We support and promote the artisans by showcasing their custom handmade jewelry on multiple platforms. The online store is available 24/7 for people to shop our inventory from all over the world. These purchases come from the artisans (parent of the education program) in communities we serve like
Roatan, Honduras.

We also have partnered with local businesses and have a process in place for our direct sales team to hit the pavement throughout Nashville, Tennessee to help spread the word.


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My Business Development Platform is dedicated to developing future business leaders within the entrepreneur and small business arena. My coaching services and online courses offer structure and stability so that anyone seeking to level up their business can find success.

As a speaker, I use my platform to help entrepreneurs gain the confidence to change their life and live a life they’ve always dreamed of. I connect with community colleges and reach out to non-traditional students to help empower them while maintaining their lives.