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“What their 'Why' is — and how to connect with other human beings.”

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I’m Shannon Rizzo and what I’ve learned through years as an employee, entrepreneur, life and business coach, friend, and partner is that every minute or every day we are all doing our best to figure out our life’s purpose.

As my company has grown from Global Girl to Becoming Boundless, I have developed the skills to help people move from fear of acting on the answers they already had to a place where they are confident and aligned with their purpose.  We already have what we need inside of us.  Becoming Boundless helps you realize that.  We also help you dream big, determine what habits are holding you back and replace them with beautiful rituals that lead to a heart-centered life.  I believe that all beings - be it human or corporate - should live a life that is value-added and purpose driven.


The Becoming Boundless podcast will introduce you to people who are living that kind of life and support you as you claim your own.

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