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You deserve to thrive in Boundless love and support.


You know that she does, too.

Help empower individuals to become Boundless in mind, body, spirit and business by connecting them to necessary resources, unconditional love and support so that they can fulfill their unlimited potential.

Envision the impact of your boundless love and support

Boundless starts by empowering our little future leaders to recognize their abilities and become Boundless in mind, body, spirit and business — so that they can be a powerful force for positivity, and fulfill their unlimited potential.

It starts with children like Sofia, living well below poverty levels, simply hoping for a place to learn to read.  

Boundless Academy provides that safe structure: a school in her village.


In the beginning she may not even realize what the opportunity for education means to her life, her family's lives, nor her community.


Our vision is that one day she is able to share her dreams with the world thriving and creating her own ripple of impact for others like her.

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“One day, there's going to be a little girl or a little boy standing on foreign territory, just like me, and starting a school or flying a plane, or doing something that they wouldn't have ever imagined before.

The sense of community that comes from an education is so powerful because through each child that learns, a sense of hope is brought to the whole community — because that child then has the opportunity to spread hope and joy, just through the things that they've learned.”

— Shannon Rizzo, CEO & Founder

Sofia becomes more secure, educated, and able to take advantage of her opportunities.

As Sofia becomes fed, educated, and made to feel safe in her new classes, she becomes eligible for secondary education and job skills training that will provide more career opportunities in the future.

Sofia is keenly aware of her origins through our curriculums, and she is taught to magnify her opportunities for the benefit of herself, and her community.

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Ultimately, Sofia becomes a teacher, business owner, mentor, and valued leader in her community.


Sofia will have had the education, training, support, and opportunities which enable her to live her dreams. 

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Boundless will encompass all facets of Global Girl Life.

Global Girl Life Foundation  (GGLF) is a philanthropic organization with a mission of ending generational cycles of scarcity and poverty through enrichment programs that provide women and children with the basic comforts and necessities needed to improve their living conditions. This year GGLF will fully become Boundless by embracing our mission to become Boundless and offering programs for the entire family beyond the wildest dreams we have had as an organization.

If we can provide one family with hope, we can touch the lives of hundreds for generations to come.

If you change a woman's life, you change her children's life — if you change her children's lives you can change the community — and if you change a community, you have the potential to change the world.

— Jennifer Rawls

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Build a 2-room Elementary School

  • Build & maintain elementary school 

  • Support 30 students annually

  • Pay Local community teacher’s salary

  • Fund Furniture, Fixtures and Electronics

  • Serve a nutritious meal daily

  • Quarterly update on students’ progress


Support Tech High Boarding school

  • Support a 12 building campus

  • Support 200 students annually 

  • Pay 10 Local teacher’s salaries

  • Fund a Computer Lab

  • Serve 3 nutritious meals daily 

  • Quarterly update on students’ progress


Technology High School

  • Build & maintain 3 classroom day school

  • Support 60 students supported annually

  • Pay 3 community teacher’s salaries

  • Fund Furniture, fixtures and electronics

  • Serve a nutritious meal daily

  • Quarterly update on students’ progress


Community Education Center

  • Build technology high school 

  • Start night school for adult education

  • Serve 60 adults supported annually

  • Pay Instructor salary annually 

  • Start a community garden program

  • Quarterly update on students’ progress

With your love and support, Boundless can flourish and thrive.

If your heart is connected to ours for the changes we can make in childrens’ lives starting here we ask that you join us in our mission now. These schools are the necessary start of Boundless Foundations for us as givers to become joyful recipients as we see the beauty of our love prosper in impact of communities everywhere. 


Join me today in educating the children who would not have this opportunity without us and help me create the dreamers of tomorrow that will be the change we need in this world.

For corporate donors and donation help, please contact Shannon at shannon@shannonrizzo.com 

“What their 'Why' is — and how to connect with other human beings.”

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I’m Shannon Rizzo and what I’ve learned through years as an employee, entrepreneur, life and business coach, friend, and partner is that every minute or every day we are all doing our best to figure out our life’s purpose.

As my company has grown from Global Girl to Becoming Boundless, I have developed the skills to help people move from fear of acting on the answers they already had to a place where they are confident and aligned with their purpose.  We already have what we need inside of us.  Becoming Boundless helps you realize that.  We also help you dream big, determine what habits are holding you back and replace them with beautiful rituals that lead to a heart-centered life.  I believe that all beings - be it human or corporate - should live a life that is value-added and purpose driven.


The Becoming Boundless podcast will introduce you to people who are living that kind of life and support you as you claim your own.

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