GLOBAL Gifter Donor

This package will cover the gamut of all of the projects, sprinkling love all around for the best impact short term.


Food & Water Rehabilitation and Children’s Ministry $450 x 3 Months =$1350


Month’s Rent -Made in Roatan Shop- $400 x 3 Month = $1200

Uniforms for 30 kids x $65 each - $1950

Total $4,500 (Amounts from $4,500 to $6,000 ) $1500 will be allocated where needed most for immediate needs or held until needed.

You will receive a letter verifying your donation to our Foundation as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that you can submit to your CPA to verify your tax deduction benefits.


Your logo will be put on our partner website page with a photo and summary of your business and how you are helping break the cycle of poverty.


We will send you our Official Logo “Stamp” with a branding document that you can use for your marketing need and publicity.

We will also add your logo to our marketing materials and swag as a Global Gifter Donor. 


A special “Thank You” Gift from Global Girl Life and our Artisans in Roatan.


Nashville, TN -