Connection is the New Control

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Connecting with others is more important than ever right now. Sharing our love, energy, resources, challenges, and needs are integral to our happiness and fulfillment. Finding a community where we can feel safe and supported, and where we can offer encouragement to others is not always easy but it is always important. So, ask yourself,

"What kind of community do I want to be a part of?

Once you know what speaks to your heart, you can begin giving your attention and time to a community that resonates with you. One of the most simple and life-changing questions you can ask is,

"How can I help?"

Global Girl Life serves communities of women and young girls all around the

world. Our mission is to merge local and global communities of artisans and businesses to end the cycle of poverty by providing and promoting educational and spiritual opportunities for growth. Everything we do is measured against this mission and we help women and girls by working with them directly and supporting their dreams.

We are sharing these bright eyes with you!

A photo from Friday 11/13/2020 in Coxen

Hole, Honduras, before Hurricane

Iota made landfall Monday evening and battered Nicaragua. The rest of the islands were hit with an almost Category 5 Hurricane. It reached Honduras Tuesday evening.

As we have come to call the children we help educate and feed over the past few months, the Little Sprouts are doing well. But thousands of others on the mainland in Honduras were not as lucky. Much of Roatàn is dependent on the mainland for the importation of goods. These storms have made it virtually impossible to get life-saving supplies to the people who need them most.

Humanitarian efforts are underway, and our very own Global Girl Shannon Rizzo will be on the mainland helping the hardest-hit areas with Aerial Recovery Group. Through this incredibly difficult time, we are grateful for our community and are thankful for our ability to make a difference through your generous support.

Recovering from the hurricanes is just part of the challenge. The impacts of coronavirus are still very much felt by those on the island. The brutal reality of a complete lack of tourism and the loss of revenue from local businesses has been nothing short of devastating. The simple truth is that the needs are exceeding the resources, and the road ahead will not be easy.

You can be a part of healing the world and changing the future financial outcome for generations. Education can lift people out of poverty, give them purpose and the knowledge to pursue their dreams.

Imagine being a part of the solution now by educating youth, local artisans, and entrepreneurs.

Economic development is crucial in this part of the world. Honduras is one of the Americas' poorest countries and faces significant challenges, with more than 66% of the population living in poverty. In rural areas, 1 out of 5 Honduras lives in extreme poverty on less than 1.90 US per day.

Helping is easy!

Donations for Birthdays on Facebook - 

It's official!! When you celebrate your Birthday, we want to celebrate with you! Please choose to raise money on your Birthday with us, and we will send you a gift certificate from our online shop for a free piece of jewelry for any amount raised over $100! The foundation is full of wins every month!

You can now raise money for your Birthday and donate to

Global Girl Life Foundation!!!

We are a Facebook approved 501(c (3)! Thank you to all who help us achieve our mission to help provide opportunities for food, love, and education to others! 

You can also fundraise when it's not your Birthday by sharing this link and purchasing from our artisan shop Global Girl Life Shop on!

Highlights of what we were able to accomplish with the help of our donors - 

  • Help feed 30 of our Little Sprouts per month

  • Supported 2 artisan families in Ecuador and a new entrepreneur team in Pakistan who are seeking financial independence by purchasing their jewelry for sale in the Global Girl shop

  • Supported 2 Women artisans in learning business skills to promote their business

We are doing the work and need your help to take it to the next level! ️ 

Here is how you can help us reach new heights and bring education to the developing world.

A Global Girl gives back. She cares about the future of our world. She wants to be a part of making positive changes so everyone can live their best life. Please click this link and add Global Girl Life as your charity. When you shop on Amazon, The Global Girl Life Foundation will receive $$$ to help with our mission to provide educational opportunities to women and their children.

By the way, it costs you nothing to support us through the Amazon Smile program!

Support the Global Girl Life Foundation by shopping at AmazonSmile. 

Become an Official Global Girl Life Foundation Sponsor:

Global Girl Life Foundation is also seeking partners, individuals, and companies, who are looking for a way to bring hope and positive change to the world. Now is the time to forge new pathways for collaboration and change. Post the official GGLF sponsor badge on your website and show the world that you are committed to bringing education, life skills, entrepreneurial success, and dream-building resources to the world. In chaotic times, working together to heal others can breathe new life into your business' mission.

If the world's current climate has you feeling a little lost or out of control, connecting with others will help ground you in thought and focus on solutions rather than problems. You define your own success and happiness. Finding the right community to share your gifts with

will help you achieve a fulfilling life full of happiness and a powerful connection.

Our actions, ideas, and work affect the world around us in profound ways. Join us.

Kara Reville

Global Girl Life Contributor

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