Transitions can be Challenging and deserve Soft Sweet Spots to Land on

Transitions can be challenging and deserve soft sweet spots to land on. Friday in Coxen Hole was a beautiful day to enjoy a meal with friends. The Little Sprouts enjoyed ham and cheese sandwiches with freshly sliced watermelon. Happy to report; for now, they have a soft place to land.

Some smiling faces were even able to take in some opportunity for artistic expression. Something as simple as coloring can be so positive for young children. In a healthy community, people can earn a living and get the food they need. A healthy community is a place where people feel connected to each other and feel they are a part of the community. There are enrichment opportunities. Addressing food insecurity and hunger is part of our mission. Food insecurity and hunger harm communities and have a profound impact on health. Help us build more sweet spots to land on for the children of Honduras.

Donations from Global Girl Life Foundation go right into the hands of those working directly in the community to reach individuals who are most in need. You can see the results every week on our Facebook page! Your donations provide food for the community and mainly for women and very young children.

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