We are making a Difference Together!

The sun shines for another beautiful day on the island. Delicious rice with stew pork and sweet cookies for dessert were passed out among the children. Many thanks to our supporters for joining us in keeping these children nourished.

Poverty is the leading cause of hunger globally; this is true in rich and developing countries alike. It is well documented that children who struggle with food insecurity can be affected both cognitively and physically. This carries over in a tangible way to education. It’s hard to focus on your studies when you are concerned about where your next meal is coming from.

When children have access to adequate nutrition and healthy food options, there is an overall increase in academic performance, especially in math and reading. We are hopeful about our community and our ability to make a difference. Many around the world are struggling at this time, but the generosity of spirit and openness, and willingness to share what gifts we can with others can be a powerful connector.

We are making a Difference Together!

Please message us to find out how you can become a part of the Global Girl Life Foundation!

Your Contribution .... no matter the amount, makes a big difference!

Donations from Global Girl Life Foundation go right into the hands of those working directly in the community to reach individuals who are most in need. You can see the results every week on our Facebook page! Your donations provide food for the community and mainly for very young children.

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